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Randal Hinz Photography


Randal is a self-taught photographer who specialises in the photography of Namibian fine art landscapes, nightscapes and wildlife. Randal’s photographs are captured with top-end Nikon digital cameras and lenses resulting in high resolution detailed images allowing for extremely large prints that retain outstanding quality and sharpness.

Randal has a passion for all types of photography and Namibia’s raw beauty provides him with endless opportunities to experiment with this passion. As a trained ecologist, he loves nature and enjoys travelling to Namibia’s wild magnificent places, experiencing new adventures and capturing and sharing them with others. Randal has also visited neighbouring countries, Zimbabwe and Botswana and has included a few photos from these beautiful countries in the website.

Randal's camera bodies include a Nikon D4S, D850, and D810.  His favourite camera lenses are Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8, and Nikkor 600mm prime.   His greatest fear is that when he flies off to photographer’s heaven his wife will find out how much his photography gear costs or sell it for far less than it is worth.  :-)